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Thanks to a VERY generous husband who knows that I will, someday, actually earn real money with an actual skill and he can actually freelance if he wants to, I have gem testing equipment, including a basic gem microscope. I loooooove it. Looking at stones makes me happy inside!
I laughed at myself as I was watching one of my "crime scene investigation" shows the other night. Lab workers were using this GINORMOUS microscope and I geeked all over myself oooh-ing and aaah-ing.
I am a geek for many things, but I never thought I'd be adding scientific equipment to that list.



So, today Chris and I were supposed to go to a welding class. We thought welding would be a fun thing to learn. The class was to be 4 hours today and 4 tomorrow in a studio space in Georgetown. We bought long sleeved shirts, not t-shirts ( required) and leather gloves with no fabric on them ( required ) and brought $30.00 each for materials on top of the $300.00 we paid for both of us to take the class in the first place .
We drove in circles a couple of times but eventually found it in amongst the shipping containers and chain link fences that litter the area. The directions mentioned a "guard shack" and to bring ID because the "guard" had a list of who was in the class. Fair enough, I guess. I wasn't sure why a welding studio needed a "guard shack" but whatever. The "guard" looked at Chris' drivers license, no problem, asked us if we were in Mimi's class ( that's the instructors name) and looked at my ID card. "This is expired. Sorry we cant allow anyone on government land with an expired ID." Mimi showed up and asked him if he could let us in. Nope. He is just doing his job and his boss would blahblahblah...strict laws since 911 etc...etc.
Mimi informed us that she couldn't refund our money as it was the day of the class and wouldn't bump anyone from another class but would let us know if there was a cancellation in the future. Nice.
OK first off. So I was supposed to renew my ID card six months ago... my HATRED of having my picture taken and having to carry the thing around for 5 years topped with the fact that not driving or travelling in the near future or at all has meant I have not needed it. With an ID, an old one works fine for the signature and picture. UNLESS, apparently, you are on government property. Perhaps Mimi is a welder for the CIA or has a government grant for the space. Either way, today I renewed my ID, they stole my soul, (I look doughy and pissed off ) and Chris and I are out $300.00.
Also, your children, nay all Americans are safer knowing I will not learn how to make a decorative towel rack.



Your name is Shelly and you enjoy chocolate. Your hair is red and our husbands are friends. You make good Italian food and you like makeup. You are funny and nice and like shopping alot.
Bad TV and unicorns make you happy.



I have been searching for extra long boot laces for my new boots! YAY!! New boots! Boots that actually fit my freakish calves. The shoelaces need to be a wee bit longer to make that work. One would think finding plain black extra long boot laces in the vast series of tubes that is the interweb would be easy. Not so much. Here's what I did find: stethoscopes....I don't get it either, tip jar stripper shoes, many different kinds of curly laces that "never need to be tied!" ( sad, sad, sad ) and this guy .
I'm still looking.



It snowed. 3 for 3!